Why Dogs Are Important In Survival Situations

Dogs are known as mans best friend for a reason. They offer a lot more that just loyalty and if you don’t have a pet dog, maybe this article will convince you otherwise. Do bear in mind, we mostly refer to large more self dependant dogs. If you are considering getting a small dog, then be warned they may not be so useful in life in general. I’m sure some small dog pet owners will disagree but this article is specific to survival settings such as hiking and traveling and emergency situations.


Firstly, dogs offer a lot of protection in a variety of settings. They are used as guard dogs for a reason. If you want to secure your home, having a dog such as a german shepherd on the ground floor is almost guaranteed to scare away any intruders. Likewise, if you are in the woods, a large dog can scare away potential predators such as bears, wolves and mountain lions. Dogs may certainly be out matched against these predators but a lot of times, predators want an easy meal. Having to fight a dog - even if it’s a fight they can win, is not something they will choose lightly. Look at it this way, a bear could start a fight with your dog and then get bitten on its leg by your dog. It may win the fight but later die because it couldn’t walk on that leg or from infection from the dog bite wound. Animals in the wild almost always choose the easier route, having a dog barking is more than enough to put off most animals from attacking.

Extra Pair Of Eyes

Dogs are also great at spotting things way before we do. Their senses are like nothing ours can match. They can hear and smell things miles before we can. Which is perfect if your hiking through rattlesnake territory or someone is trying to break into your home. There have even been reports of dogs alerting their owners to a fire in their house just as the flames break out - even before their fire alarms picked up on the fire. This can obviously be a life saving advantage to have.

Hunting Buddy

Dogs are also great to have in survival situations where you need hunt your own meat. They are often used in duck and geese hunting to run out and pick up the harvested fouls but they can also be used more actively to help catch squirrels and rabbits and even boars. Of course, boars put up a good fight so you’ll need to give a helping hand, but dogs can certainly run them down and keep them busy till you catch up. Smaller animals such as rabbits are a walk in the park for big dogs.

Loyal Friend

Lastly and perhaps most importantly, dogs offer unconditional loyalty. They will always be around you in times of need. They always have your back. It can be very uplifting to have such a friend in harsh times. Also having a friend is drastically different to being entirely alone. The morale boost from having a dog next to you is immense. Many who have gotten lost or trapped in the wild have merited their survival entirely on their dogs that were with them. Unsurprisingly, dogs have become very popular amongst households and as such is something you should consider strongly. If you do want to get a dog, please consider adopting. There are plenty of great dogs in need for a home that are stuck in shelters. They are just as good as any other dog and if not easier to train and maintain since they are often house trained themselves.

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