Ultimate Beginners Guide To Building A Home Solar Power System For Less than $700

Updated: Apr 12

This is the ultimate and complete beginners guide to set up your own solar panels at home for less than $700. Don’t waste thousands of dollars on installation for something you could potentially do yourself with the tools and resources you already have. In this guide we’ve covered it all.

First, we’ve chosen to demonstrate the most basic setup. We appreciate many people are currently purchasing solar panels to help with their energy costs, especially since money is tight with the current global pandemic and solar power could be a cheap and easy way of powering your home. That being said, we strongly advice you follow your local guidance and laws. In some places around the world, it is required by law to hire an electrician. In others we are free to do it ourselves as long as we are safe and careful. Always be safe and follow the relevant advice and instructions appropriately.

What To Do:

Here’s a video from Will Prowse, a Youtuber with extensive knowledge about building solar systems, he breaks down exactly what you need to do in 12 mins. His channel is a definite recommendation if you want to further build out your home solar power system.

What’s important to add here is that EACH solar panel is 100 Watts (100W), So if you want to build a 200 watt (200W) system, you will need TWO 100W panels and so on. The average US home solar power system is usually around 4000W, so you will need 40 x 100W solar panels or 20 x 200W panels.

If you want to add more than 4 solar panels to the same system it can get complicated but it is very much doable. You will need to look up how much your battery can hold and different ways to connect everything together. Obviously, we recommend keeping it simple if you are a beginner and use the recommended starter kits.

You Will Need:

We’ve linked these to Amazon for you but due to everyone panic buying and most products being out of stock, we’ve had to add what was left. The prices may vary as we update to whatever product is in stock. -

  1. Renogy Solar Panel Starter Kit.

  2. Battery.

  3. Inverter.

  4. Electrical gloves for safety.

  5. Tools/Multi Purpose Tool Box/Set.

  6. Power drill.

  7. Battery Capacity Monitor.

With that, you should be able to get going!

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