Top 5 Dog Breeds For Survival Situations

Here’s our pick of the top five dog breeds and why. Keep in mind, a lot of our picks are big dogs that require a lot of maintenance and attention. Don’t just go out and adopt a dog without doing the proper reading and preparation. For example, from the dogs we mention a few have evolved in colder climates and have thick coats, so they don’t handle hiking in hot weather very well. If you want a hiking buddy, specially one with thick coats, make sure your take the appropriate precautions such as plenty of rest and water for your pup, and maybe even some ice cubes for the dog to chew on as you hike. With that said, here we go:

German Shepherd

Of course the trusty german shepherd was going to make the list. Used as a hunting buddy ad a guard dog all around the world, these dogs make great survival buddies. They are loyal and protective as well as perfect hunters. They have good stamina as long as you train them right and are known to stick by their pack through thick and thin. Highly intelligent animals that can be trained to do almost anything.

Siberian Husky

Trained and evolved in the snow and blizzard, these dogs often look like wolves and are bought as pets for exactly that reason. In reality, they are very far from wolves being very loving and attentive. They require a lot of hugs and exercise where as wolves are almost the exact opposite, happy to stay by themselves and conserve energy. That said, huskies do make great hunters and also share very loyal and protective traits much like the german shepherd.

Alaskan Malamute

This is the siberian husky’s cousin. Much bigger. Much bolder. Much stronger. But unlike the husky, is not as lean and lacks the comparative stamina. That being said, the malamute was often raised to protect the children and babies from polar bears. As such, they make very great protectors. They are incredible patient especially with kids, you can find plenty of videos online of malamutes laying there whilst a baby or a toddler is pulling at it’s fur. Malamutes are gentle giants and when push comes to shove can put down a strong fight against any contender.

Tibetan Mastiff

These dogs make the cutest puppies but they grow to become some of the meanest and most terrifying dogs. These were bred as guard dogs to guard against predators such as lions, so you can imagine how vicious and ferocious these dogs can be. They also require a lot of training and a strong trainer at that because they’ve been known to attack any one and everyone aside from that one single trainer. If you can win the trust of this beast, this is definitely one animal you want on your side in a survival setting. If you’re a new dog owner - best leave this one alone!

St. Bernard

These dogs are truly giants and can grow enormous in just the first few months of their lives. They were initially bred as rescue dogs in the Alps. So they know how to handle rough and tough terrain very well as well as the cold. They also have good senses, naturally, since they were trained to rescue skiers from the mountain avalanches. They also have a very patient temperament and so make good family pets but are also known to have an aggressive side if someone or something threatens any member of their family. These dogs looks as goofy as they come but don’t let that fool you, these guys are loyal and will dig you out of your grave if they need to.

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