SUV vs Pickup Truck

What’s better for survival SUV or a pickup truck?

This debate is something that’s been picking up in the survival communities and survival forums all around the world. More and more people are now able to afford to buy and maintain bigger vehicles and gone are the days of the family mini van. But the question always boils down to SUV or a truck. Today we’ve written a small comparison between the two.

The Advantages Of An SUV

SUVs or a sport utility vehicle were designed to be the bigger versions of a sports car. Something that had the benefits of space and 5+ seating capabilities but at the same time was flashy and had good performance. As a result, SUVs look great and stylish and often offer extraordinary performance for vehicles in their weight class. This gives a much more comfortable driving experience. They also allow for a family seating and can easily hold 5 people and be custom ordered to fit 6 or 7 people - perfect for large families.

The Advantages Of A Pickup Truck

A Truck on the other hand was designed purely as a utility vehicle. Some trucks have gone on to have performance and luxury upgrades but for the most part trucks are designed as work horses. Things to be used on a work site or a farm. As such these vehicles are beasts, they can toe a large amount of weight, be it a boat, a trailer or a RV. They can also fit a large amount of things in the back bed of the truck, including pets such as large dogs.

Final Verdict

So you can see both offer some great advantages depending on your needs. But they also come with their downsides too. For starters, because of the flashiness of SUVs, they are often a lot pricier than trucks. But because of the weight of the trucks they often offer a lower mpg than SUVs so SUVs may save you a lot more money in the long run. Of course you’d have to take into account your insurance rates for the specific cars too.

You also need to consider where you will be driving these cars. If you need to go into the city often, a truck can be very difficult to manoeuvre and park. Most parking spots in the cities aren’t big enough to fit a truck. But if you live in the suburbs or a place where the roads are wide and built with trucks in mind, this won’t be a problem.

But from the point of a survival setting, it really boils down to which car can drive longer. Both trucks and picks can be fitted with 5 seats but since trucks offer larger carrying capacity, a truck would be the presumed winner. But keep in mind, trucks need a lot more fuel to run and so may not last very long in a survival setting - especially if it’s fully packed. For this reason, and this reason only, an SUV takes the price. It offers enough space to pack the essentials and fit your family whilst still having enough of a mpg to take you further than a truck. If you can find a truck with an mpg to match that of an SUV WHEN it’s filled (mpg on trucks plummet once you actually fill it with stuff) - then that is the clear winner for survival situations. Until then, SUVs hold the crown.

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