How To Survive A Bear Attack

Updated: Apr 11

Here's how to survive a bear attack. The odds of you running into a bear is slim to none. And even then, if it's a surprise encounter - it's probably just as surprised as you are and it's going to run off. But in the case that you don't a pleasant encounter, know what to do in those precious seconds could change your life.

First of all, do NOT kick the bear:

Hopefully, you've got an IQ higher than that off a submerged rock so you won't do what the genius in the video above did. Anyway, let's get started:

Now that you've got a basic, take a look at this video:

Take note, make sure you make noise as you walk. You don't want a bear to be surprised by your presence. You also want to make sure you're not attracting any bears, any food should be heavily packed and the packaging cleaned thoroughly. When you're sleeping, looking for bear banks - these are locked metal boxes where you can store your food - away from where you sleep. Your food will be safe, as will you. If you can't find one of those, consider packing food and leaving it in a tree some distance away from yourself. And always remember to check with your local rangers to make sure you know what animals are around you. The local authority will know when it's safe to hike through bear country and when it's not.

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