How To Make Your Stockpile Last

So you’ve seen our Shopping list from our Compete Guide to Emergency Shopping and you’ve bought and stockpiled everything you’ll need for the next few months. But now of course, comes the issue of how to make your stockpile last. Look no further, we’ve got you covered.

It’s important to know how to make your products last longer in times such as this. It’s not beneficial to be wasteful and it can be very damaging for morale when you run our of something only to realise you could have saved some earlier. We’ve made a list of how everyday products can be stretched without suffering much loss of quality. Rationing is advisable but there’s also ways of doing it without starving yourself or your family.

Shampoos And Soaps

All of our shampoos and soaps can be diluted. How much depends on your individual product but we recommend diluting little by little till and test the product. As you use it, you will be able to tell if you can dilute it some more. This is a phenomenal way of making sure your toiletries last longer, it’s just too easy to over use these products. Don’t forget this applies to house cleaners and such too.

Toothpaste and Bar Soaps

Things that can’t be diluted, just reduce the amount you use. Don’t be wasteful. Only use as much as needed to get the job done. You’d be surprised how little toothpaste you actually need to put on your toothbrush. For starters, most dentist now advice no more than a small pea size drop. But if you watch the advert, they’ve got us believing we need to lather the entire length of the toothbrush with toothpaste. This is just to get use to use more and buy more product.


Ask yourself, can you wear your clothes an extra day or two? If you can, why waste all that laundry detergent and fabric softener? And maybe you could wear that t-shirt again to work out in before you chuck it into the laundry basket instead of using a brand new shirt to exercise in. This may seem over the top, but I’m not asking you to live in your filth, we’re are just used to washing clothes even when not needed because it’s so cheap we don't think about it. It’s time to think about it.


Most importantly, organise your foods by what’s going out of date first. You don’t want to through out food just because it went past the date and you didn’t pay attention. You’ll notice that sometimes we can’t do anything as some foods will go out of date too soon. Well, in that case - cook with them. Eggs are a perfect example. If you’re eggs are running out of date, consider baking something with them, then freeze those baked goods and they will keep well past the original expiry date of the eggs.

Also think about portioning out your foods. Eat what you need to eat. Save what you can. This is a great opportunity to go on that diet you’ve been putting of for years. Do not over eat. This is not the time to over indulge. There food shortages in almost every major city now. Things like bread and flour are out of stock. Be responsible and make your foods last.

In summary, this should cover most all our things. Other things to be mindful off are such as batteries and candles - again use as needed, not as wanted. With small adjustments you should be fine.

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