Are Electric Cars The Future?

Well this is a conversation I didn’t think we’d be having! Over the last few years we’ve seen Tesla bring electric cars into the mainstream. Then we had both old and new car manufactures switch to electric vehicles and now have some serious option. So is this something you should be considering for the long term, especially in survival situations.

For a long time, the answer was a sold no. We have gas stations every where, which means you can drive anywhere with a gas car. In the even of a gas shortage, you could fill jerry cans with gas and stick them in the back of the car. You could also hold barrels of gas at your home or you can even built a small home tank fuselage to hold several months worth of gasoline.

But there’s a risk, gasoline is flammable and can be an explosive material under certain circumstances. Holding this much fuel at home is obviously a mojo safety hazard. Not to mention, once you run out of fuel the car is as good as dead.

But with electric vehicles we have the option of charging at home. We also have super chargers dotted around the country and with more electric cars coming to the market each and every day, we will continue to se more and more electric charging ports around the country.

Whats more is you can build out batteries and ‘power walls’ at home to hold more charge in survival situations. These of course carry certain risks too but are generally thought to be safer than holding barrels of gasoline at home.

But the real advantage is when you add solar panels and a solar power system at home. Now you can power your car entirely from the solar panels you have at home and don’t have to be dependent on gasoline what so ever.

This is a major advantage when it comes to survival situations. You can be sure that you have access to motor transport, regardless of whats happening in the world, as long as the sun keeps burning.

So the answer is a resounding YES - electric cars are the future. Electric cars will allow you to be entirely off grid and self sufficient in both times of emergency and in normal every day life. The fact that it saves you money and is better for the climate are all just added bonus points - but the freedom to be able to charge your car at home and never have to go to a gas station is the ultimate deal breaker.

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