50 Things You Can Do To Keep Yourself Busy During Lockdown

Updated: Apr 21

So you’re in lockdown and already bored out of your mind - and this is set to be just the beginning. Maybe you have kids that are jumping of the walls and need something to keep them busy. Maybe you’re the one jumping off the walls - don’t worry, we have you covered. Here’s 50 things you can do to keep you busy.

Not only have we got a ridiculously long list of suggestions, we’ve also linked how to get started, so you’ve got no excuse - get busy, have fun!

  1. Draw/sketch - Sketch Book, Pencil Set.

  2. Paint - Follow Bob Ross's Youtube Tutorials with his Bob Ross Master Paint Set.

  3. Try coloring books for adults.

  4. Learn a language: Books: Chinese, French, Spanish, Japanese. Apps: Duolingo, Babbel.

  5. Learn to cook - Top Cook Books.

  6. Learn to bake - Top Baking Books.

  7. Learn to garden.

  8. Try Crosswords.

  9. Try Sudokus.

  10. Give Jigsaw Puzzles a go - 1000 pieces.

  11. Write a book - Now’s the time to pen your novel, get started with the ultimate guide book.

  12. Write a screen play - been sitting on the idea for the next blockbuster? The Screenwriters Bible will teach who how to put together a screenplay step by step.

  13. Write a blog - much easier than a book or a screenplay but can make you just as much money, take this blog for example!

  14. Start a youtube channel - You don’t need a movie studio: Camera and a Microphone.

  15. Build a social media following on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and become an influencer. Just choose a niche and post consistent quality content.

  16. Read - Consider getting Amazon Kindle Unlimited and read unlimited books. (It's netflix but for books). Try a FREE TRIAL.

  17. Learn to invest in stocks - now is a great time to make some serious cash on the markets - if you know what you’re doing.

  18. Learn to better manage your personal finances - won’t take long but will last a lifetime.

  19. Start yoga - all you need is a yoga mat and yoga strap.

  20. Start to meditate.

  21. Exercise -some suggestions: exercise bike, portable home weight replacement, home pull up bar etc.

  22. Video games - countless of hours of fun. Pick your platform: Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation 4, Gaming PC.

  23. Learn the piano or drums or guitar.

  24. Learn music production - all you need is a DJ Controller plus plenty of free youtube tutorials.

  25. Learn to code an app/ website - sounds daunting but not as difficult as one might think - plus a massive CV boost, not to mention - the money can be pretty good!

  26. Start a business - perfect time to start the business you’ve been dreaming of, especially with lots of capital available to fund your business in the next few months as interest rates plummet.

  27. D house work and repairs - the things you’ve been putting off over the years - don’t pretend like you don’t know what we’re talking about!

  28. Start Knitting or crochet.

  29. Detail your car - car care kits are pretty cheap now and can last a while.

  30. Clean up and back up computer - double up on your device back ups and move all the old files to an external SSD and you’re computer/laptop will be running a lot smoother and faster.

  31. Board games offer hours of fun for the family

  32. Audio Books - perfect to have in the background as you go about your day. You might be eligible for a free trial with Audible.

  33. Get into e-sports, with 500 million global fans, find out what’s so exciting about this new emerging industry - here's a free Twitch Trial.

  34. Call friends and family and catch up.

  35. Mobile app games - plenty of new games on the market as many developers stuck at home are launching new titles each day.

  36. If you're tired of Netflix, did you know Amazon Prime offers Prime Time Channels outside of prime video? You can sign up for a free trial here.

  37. Home golf - work on your putting.

  38. Reorganise your wardrobe and donate old clothes.

  39. Watch virtual online tours of cities/beaches - plenty of walking tours on youtube.

  40. Learn all the countries of the world.

  41. Build your dream sound system.

  42. Start a bonsai tree - use a starter kit.

  43. Build an aquarium.

  44. Into makeup? Up your game.

  45. Get lost in music - must have audiophile headphones and popular music streaming services include Spotify, Prime Music and Youtube Music: free trial here.

  46. Clean up and sort out your attic.

  47. Lego builds are a great pass time

  48. Model replica kits are more of a challenge than lego. Take a look at this Titanic Model.

  49. Get a telescope and see the stars and the universe - here's a Beginners Telescope.

  50. Get into photography - learn the craft and put your creativity to the test! You can start with the camera in your phone before splashing out on a professional camera set.

There you have 50 things to try. If you found this useful, please consider sharing this post with your friends and families.

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