5 Reasons You Should Learn To Track Animals - Even If You Don’t Hunt

Tracking animals is incredibly useful skill but many think that it’s for hunters and hunters only. It isn’t. Regardless of how you may feel about hunting, I strongly recommend you learn to track animals in the wild. It’s a useful skill that can save your life. Sounds like a bold claim right? Have a look:


Number one reason is because you can spot large predators in the wild before they spot you. If you’re on a hike or just walking through the woods, spotting signs that there is a grizzly bear or a wolf or a mountain lion nearby could be the difference between life and death. Animals leave tracks and spotting these can help you walk away from a potential fatal encounter.

Snakes, Spiders, Scorpions

Similarly, critters like spiders, snakes and scorpions are all around us. Being able to spot when you’re near one of these can save you a lot of trouble. Snakes and scorpions leave tracks were they walk and slides leave trails to their burrows. Spotting these, you can avoid taking a seat or standing near a venomous critter.


Even if you don’t eat meat, tracking animals is useful as they can lead you to food that you can eat. Most hunters hunt herbivorous animals such as deer. Deers eat plants. If you’re struggling for food in the wild, it makes sense, finding wildlife like deer can lead you to edible vegetation. Of course, we can’t eat everything any other animals eat - what’s fine for them could be poisonous to us, but when your stuck in a monoculture setting, surrounded by one species of plant only (such as in a pine woods/ forest) following deer trails can lead you out into a more varied ecosystem.


And the same applies to water. If you are in a situation where you can’t find any fresh water, follow animal trails. Nearly all land animals drink fresh water and so if you find animals, you will find water somewhere nearby. If you can’t find any animals, you can use their tracks to lead you to water. This is an ancient trick that has been passed down through the generations, to the point where there are some tribes that have been following certain particular tracks, knowing that they will lead to water, never realising what animal caused those tracks.


Of all things on this list, this is probably the most useful to most people. Pests is an unavoidable issue for all homes but just because it’s unavoidable doesn’t mean it’s something we must endure. If you know how to spot and track animals you can spot a pest issue as soon as it begins. You can then move around your house and spot where the pests are entering your home and are nesting and eradicate the issue before it sets. Not having this skill means you will likely miss the start of an infestation until it’s too late and have no choice but to call pest control.

There you have it, five reasons you should learn to track animals. If you found this useful, please consider signing up below to be notified of our next post and share this with your friends and families.

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