5 Reasons You Should Grow Your Own Food

Many people are reluctant to grow their own food, be it a small herb shelf on the window sill or a mini farm in the back yard, it doesn’t take much effort to grow your own food but the rewards you reap are plentiful. Here are our top five reason why you should grow your own food and learn to be somewhat self sufficient.


The first plus point of course is that you are literally growing your own food so you save so much money. Yes there is a certain cost with the water and pots and such but that is minimal compared to the value of fruits and veg you get in return. Once you’ve grown your own foods, you can use the seeds from these to regrow them again and again. And if you live in an area with good rainfall through out the year you may not even need to water your plants!

No pesticide

A lot of people would consider this their main reason for growing their own foods. With all the pesticide and chemicals farmers use, our vegetables come caked in an array of chemicals. Even as we wash them, a lot of these chemicals make their way into the fruit and veg. Some studies have show foods grown in such circumstances can have the chemicals through the fruits and veg. Of course a lot of these chemicals are being outlawed and the food is tested to make sure they are safe for consumption - but the point is, for many years it was thought it was fine to do this. So the question is, what else do they think is fine today but will realise is dangerous for our health tomorrow? I’d rather grow what I can and know EXACTLY what went into it.

Organic and Fresh

To build on the last point, no food will be fresher than what you’ve grown and harvested a few seconds before you cook and eat it. It is not a stereotype, the fresher the food the better it tastes. A lot our foods our frozen and treated with preservatives and can take several days if not weeks and months to get to our stores - never mind how long they may have been sitting on the shelves themselves. Compare this to the fresh foods growing in your garden and you quickly realise the start difference in not just the taste but the general quality.

Learn to spot what to eat in the wild

When you grow your own food, you learn a tonne about plants in general. You get good at spotting what is good to eat in the wild and what is poisonous. You also learn how to spot diseases on plants, such as fungus and aphids. You definitely don’t want to eat those be it from carrots in your yard or to wild berries in the woods. Growing your own food teaches you all of this and plenty more.

Learn when a fruit or veg is ripe

This may sound silly but it’s not till you experience it yourself that you realise just how useful this is. I have not eat unripe fruit or veg in years but I remember for years before standing in the supermarket tapping on melons and holding potatoes to the light to try and figure out what was ripe or not - like I knew what I was doing. I was clueless. I had no idea what I was doing but I was just copying what others would do thinking that’s what I was supposed to do. I’d squeeze avocados - some were squishy, others were not. How was this supposed to help me? I didn’t know what this meant! Was squishy the ripe one - or was it the hard one? When you grow your own food it becomes like a sixth sense, you learn what is and isn’t ripe through trial and error and somehow that knowledge transfers across all other fruits and veg. I can’t really explain it but I can tell whether a fruit is ripe or not in the supermarket - all that experience is somewhere in the back of my brain and it comes out when I need it. It’s weird but once you experience it, you’ll understand what I mean.

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