5 Reasons Why Hiking Is Good For You

Hiking is something that many of us do regularly but there are still many people who miss out on the profound benefits of hiking - so we’ve made a list of the top 5 reasons why hiking is good for you.


Hiking is without a doubt a massive muscle builder. It is a full body workout like no other. It works out your legs and you build strong quads and hams just from hiking regularly. But the rough and uneven terrains also works out your core. A strong core is important for posture and balance and helps protect your back from back injuries. And with our legs and core being worked out, naturally, our upper body gets worked out too. Plenty of people have gotten in shape just from hiking. Now don’t expect to walk away looking like Dwayne Johnson but you can easily get a six pack by hiking and not hitting the gym once.

Cardio and Stamina

To build on the last point, hiking increases your stamina like no other. It pushes your cardiovascular system and that stamina that you build from hiking moves into other parts of your life too. Walking around, up those stairs, grocery shopping - everything just becomes a little easier. And you tend to feel a lot less tired at the end of the day too.

Mental Health

Many studies have shown the immense boost to mental health that hiking has. Now that’s not to say hiking is curative, if you’re suffering from a mental health condition, you need to speak your doctor, only they can diagnose and treat you effectively. But what you might find is that they suggest you take up walking or hiking to help yourself feel better. There are many theories as to why hiking helps our mental health but regardless of which theory you believe, the conclusion is that it does benefit our mental health in some way.

Connection With Nature

This one is a given, but it’s so important. We grow up in a society that is completely detached from nature. Getting back into nature gives us a connection that we had lost. It fosters a certain curiosity and respect for nature too. Makes us appreciate the things we have and the lives we live. It helps us give a new outlook on life. But most importantly, it makes whatever problems we are going through in life seem trivial and puts everything into perspective.

Productivity Boost

This is by far the most useful reason to start hiking. You’re productivity will go through the roof. Again, many theories out there as to why this is but it seems to be able giving a certain structure to our lives and days. By hiking, you have a sense of accomplishment, which then fosters into a drive and motivation to complete other tasks. Of course, there’s also the argument to be made that the reason why our productivity goes up is an amalgamation of the first four reasons on this list. If we are healthier, stronger and fitter both mind and body - it makes sense we can focus better, sleep better and work longer without being tired. Our mind and bodies remain freshers and alert for longer so we make more of the hours we have in our days. Rather than being sluggish and tired in the evenings, we feel energetic enough to be productive right up till bed time. And when we wake up, we don’t hit snooze for half an hour extra - we get up ahead of our alarms ready to start the day. Again - this may sound a little preachy, but it’s not something you really notice happening till it’s happened. After a few months of hiking, my life as whole was a lot more productive and energetic and it wasn’t until I looked back that I realised it had changed. It was a pleasant surprise to say the least!

So there you have it, hopefully that’s been enough to convince you to start hiking. It will be tough in the beginning - but I assure you - it does get much, much easier and you will be grateful! If you found this useful, please consider signing up to be notified of our next post and share this with your friends and families.

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